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What is Preston Pubwatch ?
Preston Pubwatch reviews pubs (from a customers point of view) within appoximately a mile radius of the centre of the city. There are currently appoximately 150 pubs listed here, but not all have been reviewed. You're welcome to email us a review of your local using our tickbox form.

Alphabetical List
The alphabetical list of local and city centre pubs also includes information about closed, renamed and demolished pubs.

An Overview
You can read an overview of the site, take a trip down memory lane with long gone beers. or view a list of Preston's closed pubs.

Your Reviews
As well as providing factual information like what night the pub quiz is at The Moor Park, this website allows anyone to voice their opinion about any pub they visit. If you'd like to review a pub and comment on their beer, food or Kareoke night, then please email us and we'll add your review.

Is Preston Pubwatch connected to a brewery?
We have no conections to any brewery nor their representatives. We are an indepandant organisation which provide information only. However, pubs or bewery's can pay for a banner on the site.



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